Executive Coaching

‘Performance = Potential minus Interference’   – W.Timothy Gallwey 

Corporate and Executive coaching is an effective way of developing an individual within the workplace in order to improve performance and support career development. The primary focus of the coaching sessions are to accelerate the skills of managers by raising self-awareness and to understand what may be holding them back; improve their interpersonal and leadership skills and increase personal confidence.   Gaining better communication and motivation with staff members will improve relationships within the teams and within the organisation, achieving greater productivity in a more efficient way.

The coaching can be around a number of interpersonal skills and competencies that are required in the leadership role such as:

  • Leadership and organisational skills
  • Social and communication skills
  • Ability to inspire trust and motivate the team
  • Performance enhancement and development

Key points for an organisation to consider when considering  a coaching programme:

  • Determine your needs and set relevant objectives
  • Choose a coach you are comfortable with
  • Outline the expected length and process of the coaching programme
  • Ensure that your confidentiality will be guaranteed
  • Enquire about qualifications of your prospective coach
  • Agree a method for an evaluation process

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Coaching has enabled me to achieve goals that I did not imagine to be possible. Louise enabled me to shift my thinking and change my behaviour and in doing so feel more positive and confident about myself as an authentic leader.

Angela Dixon

Principal, Private School

February 2014

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