Personal Coaching

‘Each human being has the potential to change, to transform their attitude, no matter how difficult the situation’  – Dalai Lama

Are you looking for a new direction or need some help to embrace new challenges or address change?

A period of change or transition can be exciting, frightening or just complicated. Personal or life coaching is a process to give you the tools and techniques to help you to clarify personal goals, which can be in many different areas of life.  Using the GROW model and powerful questions, it highlights a better understanding of your thoughts and feelings and gives you options that you may not have realised you have.  It will help you to make positive changes, where you are confident, optimistic and excited about what is ahead!

Some goals might be to:

✔gain confidence in certain situations

✔get a better sense of direction

✔be more effective at work

✔to relate to other people more effectively


A useful tool to establish your levels of satisfaction in any area of life  is ‘The Wheel of Life’.  Once this has been completed, you can gauge where you are at this moment in time and prioritise the area you may want to work in.

Some of the important areas areas of your life to focus on may be:

Career Relationships Physical Environment
Personal Growth Work/Life Balance Fun/Social Life
Family Health Travel and Adventure

Whatever it is, coaching helps people to gain achievement, in the best possible way for each individual, more quickly and effectively than working on your own.

Always at the heart of the process is the principle that the answer lies within each individual  and the coach is there to help to extract it.

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Working with Louise was a very worthwhile exercise – I found things out about myself that helped me better understand my attitude to work, in particular.   Louise always asked the right questions to get me to the point of understanding.   As a result I was able to re-think my attitude and bring a healthier approach to a new job, which is working out well.  It was occasionally emotional but I always felt I was in good, professional hands and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her coaching skills to anyone needing support.”

Joanna Suart , Vet Practitioner

April 2015

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