Team Coaching

 ‘If you want to move people, it has to be towards a vision which is positive for them.’   –  Martin Luther King

Why choose team coaching?

Effective team coaching helps teams to focus on key priorities, working collaboratively around an agreed consensus and with each individual being actively supportive of others in the process. We work with the team leader and members of the team ensuring that:

  • The team establish their vision, mission and ways of working together
  • The team meets its goals through co-ordinated activities
  • Individuals within the team are developed

Some team members may be developed individually.

Team coaching is effective in increasing staff morale and better staff relationships, therefore better staff retention, increased efficiency, productivity and service quality are achieved.

To build a high performance team, you’ll want to ensure that you have a clear purpose and goals, a positive image, a good allocation and use of team roles and clearly defined standards and values for working together. Team coaching is an opportunity to have the whole team work together to develop best working practice, increase motivation, understand each other and communicate better in order to gain the vision of the organisation in the most effective way.

The benefits and impact of team coaching can include:

  • More productive and efficient teams
  • Enhanced skills and attributes for individuals within the team
  • A difference to the bottom line with increased efficiency, productivity, service quality and costs
  • Increased morale and better staff retention
  • Better staff relationships
  • Lower stress levels
  • A more fun place to work!

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Thanks for a wonderful, very professional and motivating day. I am thrilled with the ‘buy in’ we managed to get from everyone! Great feedback on you. Will be in touch to plan a follow-up next year.

Suzie Mackie, Director UK2Learn

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