What is Coaching?

‘Building awareness, responsibility and self‐belief is the goal of the coach’

John Whitmore


We all learn in different ways, what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another.  Coaching is a process which supports the individual to create learning and development in a way that benefits them.  It is a process of taking people from where they are now and supporting them in moving forwards to attain their self-chosen goals.  It is based on a two way relationship between the coachee and the coach, of trust, respect, honesty and understanding.


Coaching is: Coaching is not:
  • Goal/outcome – centred
  • Performance improvement
  • A non-directive form of development
  • Unlocking potential
  • A fast-track development
  • Counselling
  • Advice giving
  • Thinking for other people
  • Structured training

Key questions to ask before coaching:

  • Am I looking to make changes?
  • Am I ready to take responsibility for where I am and where I would like to move to?
  • Am I open to being challenged and looking at new perspectives?
  • Am I ready to be the best I can, and not sabotage myself in any way?
  • Am I willing to be different and take any action that is necessary.

At Barefoot Trainers we will encourage you to take responsibility and control for your own learning by:

  • Helping you to work out things for yourself
  • Helping you to explore options
  • Actively listening and helping you to explore your ideas without imposing our own
  • Asking questions to challenge your thinking and get you to explore issues more deeply
  • Encouraging you to set learning objectives
  • Providing constructive feedback as and when appropriate
  • Letting you know when the relationship is not working as well as it could

Louise made me think about me, that I was important, that I had a choice to make my working life better, but more poignantly that I had to do what was best for myself.

Nicola Banks

Nursery Manager, October 2013

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