Leadership Training Workshops

‘Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it’  

 – Dwight D Eisenhower

Your workforce may just be you and a colleague or you may have a small or large team of part-time workers, distant workers or associates.  However small or large your business is, it is vitally important that your team are managed effectively.

We provide a range of workshops developed to meet your specific needs.  Our focus primarily is on the management and development of people and ensuring good interpersonal skills and therefore having a great place to work, where all are pulling together and working in harmony towards a common goal.

For an effective working environment a minimum requirement is,

everyone knows:

  • what they are expected to do
  • how they should be doing it
  • what their level of performance should be
  • how what they do contributes to the success of the business

A sample of workshops we deliver in order to help you to get the best from your staff:

Enhancing your Leadership Skills

  • Why leadership is important
  • What constitutes effective leadership
  • Leadership models and their impact in work
  • Evaluating own management styles

Improving your Interpersonal Skills

  • DISC individual personality profiling
  • Reflective practice
  • Learning styles – theory and questionnaire and how these affect performance
  • Emotional intelligence and its impact
  • Dealing with different behaviours

Creating High Performing Teams

  • Principles of team working and team-building
  • Characteristics and team roles of team members
  • Effective communication
  • DISC team personality profiling

Developing People through Effective Coaching and Training in the Workplace

  • The value of people for the organisation
  • Managing performance
  • Gaps analysis – Individual learning and development programmes
  • Coaching people to perform

Leading for Change

  • The principles of change management
  • Impact of change
  • Planning for change
  • Developing and maintaining trust

These can be offered for Continuous Professional Development or as an ILM qualification

This has highlighted the importance of my own practice and style of leadership. I have already noticed a positive response.

Dan Foster, Team Leader, Leadership training – March 2013


I have found the training enjoyable, fun and worthwhile. Good to have a trainer with a sense of humour!

Jan Buckly, Manager,  Performance Management – October 2014

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