Professional Coaching

‘You can get the best efforts from others, not by lighting a fire beneath them but by building a fire within them’     – Bob Nelson


The team at Barefoot Trainers are experienced, qualified coaches who have worked with people like you to build the confidence to tackle problems and take steps to make change.

We work with a range of people who are, in a new leadership role, returning to work after having children, facing life changes  or are just ‘stuck’ and want the support to move forward.

The outcome is that ‘motivated fire’ lit from within … and the

Benefits from coaching can include:

Improved sense of direction & focus  Increased self-awareness    Increased confidence  Improved interpersonal skills  Increased motivation  Improved personal effectiveness  Increased ability to handle change  Lower stress



What is Coaching?

Coaching is a fast track service in order to create new ways to resolve issues, gain better results and generally achieve goals more easily. It works on the principle of forward thinking:

what do I want, where am I now and how will I get there?

The skill of the coach is to use a combination of listening, questioning, observation and feedback to create conversations that provide insight and learning for the individual. The coachee will experience an un-biased focus and attention, in a safe environment, that helps them to understand themselves, see the bigger picture and to move forward.

Executive Coaching
Many good practitioners are put into a leadership role without the support and skills required to inspire, motivate and lead their teams.

Executive coaching is an effective way of developing leaders within the workplace to improve performance and support career development. It is a non threatening and enlightening approach to working with individuals – raising self awareness, building on strengths and defining and filling development gaps. The focus of the coaching is on organisational performance and a process that develops the leader’s capability in achieving short and long term goals.   The results are clearly defined with all stakeholder, and are observable and measurable and in line with organisational objectives.

Team Coaching

Teams are key to achieving tasks in the workplace today, building a good team is a key challenge for every manager. So how do you successfully motivate a group of people to work cooperatively and effectively together towards common goals?

Effective team coaching helps teams to focus on key priorities, working collaboratively around an agreed consensus and with each individual being actively supportive of others in the process
Life Coaching

In this fast paced society there can be so much stress, anxiety and rapid change, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees with the barriers we can create. Working with a coach helps to unravel the issues, provide options and create new ways of thinking in order to remove the interference, improve the situation, get better results, achieve goals and to move forward!

The coach is the critical friend that will help you see the wood and the trees, make sense of it and move forward with it.


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