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  • Developing managers in an innovative, fun and engaging way

We develop managers, through leadership training, professional coaching and quality assurance, to inspire and motivate high performing teams, achieving the right results for the organisation and making it a great place to work!

At Barefoot trainers we love to work with companies to create exciting personalised training and executive coaching programmes and events, giving people the tools and techniques that are focused on gaining individual potential and confidence, in an innovative, fun and engaging way.


What we do

Why Choose Us

Tailored Courses

At Barefoot Trainers, we tailor training courses or coaching sessions to meet your specific needs.

Fun and Engaging Sessions

We provide challenging programmes that get the right results. These are delivered in a fun and engaging way, in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

Ongoing Relationships

At Barefoot Trainers, we treat everything in the strictest of confidence. And as such, have long lasting, professional relationships with all our clients.

Who We Are

Our philosophy is built on the belief that companies who invest in managers and teams have motivated and engaged employees, creating a productive and exciting place to work whilst delivering great results.

At Barefoot Trainers we work closely with employers to develop training and coaching programmes and events that work.

Read more about our philosophy, and hear from some of the people we’ve helped.



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